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FOR IMMEDIATE SALE – BCTMP Pulp Mill Equipment, British Columbia

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For Immediate Sale

Sale Location
4181 Chetwynd Pulpmill Rd.
Chetwynd, British Columbia V0C1J10

224-927-5320 -


  • (2) Debarking Lines (wet & dry side) Including Nicholson 27A5A  27″ X 8′ High Speed Debarkers, (1 dual-1 single feed), 96″ Nicholson Disc Chippers with 1,250 HP Drives, Metal Detectors, Kick-Out Reject Conveyors, and Related Support
  • (4) Hymac HSD-64 TMP 64 inch Refiners, S/N’s 631-120-6865, 631-140-6866, 631-220-6867, 631-240-6868 Including Siemens 1DL 7641-8FF-82-Z Water Cooled Drive Motor 14,000 HP, 13,800 volts, 1800 rpm, with Siemens Exciter Panel, Hydraulic and Auto Lube Units Below, Agitated Cyclone Feeder, and Control Console
  • Rader Chip Reclaim and Radial Stacking System with In and Outbound Pneumatic Transport Systems Consisting of (2) Holmes Reverse Air Blowers with 500 HP Siemens Type RAZS 500 HP 4,000V 1180 RPM Drive Motors, (2) Rader 30 X 45 ESW Chip Feeders, 600 Linear ft. 16″ diameter Twin Steel Transfer Tubes on Structural Steel Pipe Bridge, 42′ tall Intermediate Structural Steel Tower with Rader 8′ diameter Buffering Cyclone, 42″ X 234′ Incline Structural Steel Lattice Frame Belt Conveyor with Gear Reduced Drive, 90′ (L) X 42″ Structural Steel Lattice Frame Stacking Conveyor on Structural Steel Tower, 270 Rotation with Hydraulic Drives, Return System Including Steel Receiving Bin with Hydraulic Chain Drag Drive, 42″ X 52′ Structural Steel Lattice Frame Transport Conveyor, Arco Wood Sizing Screen, all PLC Controls and Related Equipment