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Major Printing and Envelope Converting facility

Start Date & Time: September 17, 2019 10:00 am ET
Inspection/ Preview: Day Prior to Auction or By Appointment Only
Sale Location: 8000 Villa Park Dr,
Richmond, VA 23228
Map: Map
Contact: 224-927-5320 - sales@pplgroupllc.com
Buyer’s Premium: 18% Online, 15% Onsite


PPL Group and North East Printing Machinery are proud to announce the auction of the assets owned by Colortree Group for the benefit of Sterling National Bank

NOTE: Some assets may be available by private sale. Please contact Joe Koravos at 603-474-7455 for more information as well as for any technical assistance.


Sheet Fed Offset Presses

2006 Heidelberg SM102-6P3+L 6/c 40″ Speedmaster offset perfector, 2/4 with aqueous anilox coater, Preset feeder, CP2000 console, all wash ups, Drystar 2000 IR dryer. S/N 547264

2000 Heidelberg CD102-6+L 6/c 40″ plus Tresu anilox coater, CP 2000 console, 370 mm imps. S/N 542747

2001 Heidelberg SM102-8-P5-S 8/c 40″ Speedmater perfector 4/4, CP2000  console,Technotrans ink dispensers,  348 mm imps. S/N 544233

1998 Heidelberg SM102-6P3+L 6/c 40″ offset Speedmaster perfector, 2/4 plus aqueous coater, CPC 1-04 console, s/n 540494


Web Fed Offset Presses

2004 RDP Marathon 200V 10 unit 20.5″ wide web offset press with 20″,22″,24″ and 28″ variable cut off print inserts, Martin EC Plus 15-20 splicer, IST interstation UV curing, remote ink and register controls, folder, GEC 5020FR rewinder, Eltromat scanner, mag die, slitter, cross perf, hole punch , gluer bindery stations, EL dual scanners, Fast wash blanket washers, Techotrans and Royse chillers. S/N 1300-80

1998 RDP Marathon SR200 8 unit 20.5″ wide web offset press with (8) 22″ and 28″ varaiable cut off print inserts, KTI splicer, remote ink and register controls, Prime UV interstaion drying, turn bars, BST Super Handyscan, bindery stations, Sanden sheeter, GEC TW5020 rewinder, Kelva web cleaner, RGS IV series X, EPG remote inking, s/n 1360. Tri Services chiller. Note 3 units new in 2008

1993 Didde VIP 6 unit variable cut off 20 1/2″ web offset press, 14″ and 22″ inserts, cfross perf and hole punch, KTI splicer, Prime UV interstation UV curing, fan fold, sheeter and rewinder

2005 Rotatek RK 320 20.5″ wide web offset presses, 8 unit with  (6) 22″ and (8) 28″ variable cut off print inserts, KTI LS 2150 splicer, BCB interstation UV curing and 2 EOP UV lamps, , BST inspection cameras,     BST inspection cameras,Mag Die , hole piunch, dual cross perf bindery stations, folder, sheeter and rewinder. Techontrans chiller, S/N 0042/05

1999 Rotatek RK320 20.5″ wide web offset press  8 unit with (8) 17″,  (8) 22″, (8) 28″ variable print inserts, KTI LS2150-10, EL web guide, BCB interstation UV curing, turn bar, mag die, 2x hole punch, (2) cross perf bindery stations, BST scanner, sheeter, rewinder and stacker

1996 Muller Concept 20.5″ wide variable cut off web offset web press with 14″, 17″ and 22″ , Martin EC 1020 splicers bindery stations, Microcolor console, sheeter, folder and ZOnline UV curing, Provit console w/ RGS IV register, Microcolor inking, Mag Die, 2x cross perf, hole punch bindery stations, sheeter, folder and md. 2088 stacker, GEC TW5020FR rewinder. S/N 9300804

1996 Muller Concept 20.5″ wide variable cut off web offset press, (6) 22″ print inserts, Martin EC1020 splicer, Microcolor console, Muller 2026 sheeter, s/n 93.00805 Note: machine needs work


Envelope converting and printing

1997 Winkler & Dunnebier 627GS 900 EPM blank fed envelope converting machine, 2/1 print station, (2) window patching and gumming stations, KTI splicer for cellophane, Envetronic touch screen, NOTE: BST ekr1000 scanner, mag die cut, Note: bought as factory rebuild in 2016

2001 Winkler & Dunnebier Classic 400 EPM blank fed envelope converter, 2/1 print station, 2 patching stations, side fold and seal station, dust collection, W&D PLC digital controls, s/n 14712

FL Smithe RA800 EPM blank fed envelope printing and converting machine, 2 over 1 printer, side fold and seal gumming, Allen Bradley upgraded PLC controls, servo driven window station, panel cut

FL Smithe RA800 blank fed envelope printing and converting machine, 2/1 printer, panel cut, window patcher, dust collector

FL Smithe RAWA 800 EPM roll fed envelope printers / converters, KTI LE 2160 splicer, 2 over 1 printer, patching, seal gumming, side fold & seal, scrap collection, s/n 5289

FL Smithe RAWA 800 EPM roll fed envelope printer / converter, KTI LE2160 splicer, 2/1 printer, panel cut side seam cutter, side fold and seal, scrap collection, s/n 4678

FL Smithe RAWA 800 EPM roll fed envelope printer / converter, KTI LE2160 splicer, 2/1 printer, panel cut side seam cutter, side fold and seal, scrap collection, s/n 2469

2003 FL Smithe SW1500 EPM roll fed high speed envelope printer and converter, 3 over 1 printer, side seam cutter, patching, gumming, side seal, Solaronics IR curing, scrap collector, s/n 5516, w/ Solartronics IR dryer, 3 x die cut staions, Beckhoff touch screen controls,

(2) Halm JP-TWOD-P / 6D offset envelope printers, s/n 3199 and 3661

(4) FL Smithe PHP programmable hydraulic envelope die cutters, Uniop PLC controls, die tables, safety curtains, unload tables, etc. S/N’s 2047,77,2496,80

Large quantity of mag dies, gumming rollers, high dies for envelopes, tooling, KTI cellophane butt roll splicer, Smithe and W&D spare parts crib, etc.


Bindery and Finishing

(3) Polar 137 EMC 54″ paper cutters w/monitors, s/n’s 6241205, 5941107, 5641106

2015 Polar ER130-5 paper unloader

2016 Heidelberg TH 82 32″ wide  PFH pallet fed folder, 6/4 plate configuration, Level III automation w/ servo driven buckle plates, Pre score, , SAK 94 stream delivery, gatefold attachment, s/n FH.FAWO-01597

2008 and 2012 Heidelberg TH 82 32″ wide continous fed folder , 4/4 plates, ACC digital control

Heidelberg fold accessories ; 2007 VSA 66 crusher stacker, gatefold attachments, split guides, SAK deliveries, etc.

2003 MBO B26S continous fed Perfection series 26″ folder  w/ Navigator automation, 6/4 plate confuguration, split guide, s/n 81197, and with 2003 Palamides BA700 paper bander

2001 MBO B26S Perfection series 26″ x 40″ continous fed folder, 6/4 plate configuration, s/n T05/04 and with 2001 Palamides BA700 paper bander

MBO B26 continous fed 26″ folder, 4/4 plate configuration, MCC3 batch counter, s/n Q02/138, A76 mobile delivery

MBO T49 continous fed 20″ x 26″ folder, 4/4 plate configuration, s/n L05/15

MBO B26-3 sixteen page attachment, MBO Z2 knife fold unit, s/n 970616956, MBO gatefolds, Technifold scoring wheels, etc.

(3) Palamides paper bander deliveries for folders ; 2010 and 2012 Delta 703’s, and 2000 BA700


Pre Press area

(2) 2013 Kodak Magnus 800 Computer to Plate devices with Multi Cassette autoloaders, Glunz and Jensen bump turn, Kodak Sword palte processor, HU-9 plate stacker and Kodak software, s/n M81801 , M81800

2012 Esko CDI Spark 2530 flexo plate imager, s/n 105514

2006 DuPont Cyrel Fast 1000TD flexo thermal plate developer, s/n TD1180638R

2002 DuPont Cyrel fast 1000 EC/LF exposure unit


Plant support and facilities equipment

(3) 2016/2017 Kaeser CSD 125  rotary screw air compressors, 125HP w/ dryers and tanks

Qunicy QGD-40 rotary screw air compressor, 40 HP

(3) 2003 Kaeser HB 950 Plus central vacuum compressors, 200 HP with silencers

2018 VPC SCD Vaccum Pump Compressor with Speed Controlled Drives central vacuum, 250HP w/ silencer

IPS AT854HS30 horizontal baler, auto tie and inclined hopper/shredder , vertical balers, pallet wrappers, etc.

Polar PW-4ABV pile turner with Aerator ( 2005)

Maintenance shop ; drills, welder, lathe, etc. and large spare parts crib

Material handling ; large quantity of forklifts, jacks, scissor lifts, etc. including Clark GCG 8000 lb/ LP foklift with Cascade roll clamp. (5) TCM 3 and 5000 lb. LP forklifts , Crown, Vestil , Mistubishi and Yale electric walkers and stackers

Raw Material ; Large quantity of roll and paper stock, pallets of cellophane rolls, inks, etc.

Pedowitz Machinery Movers
James Pedowitz
561-234-8758 cell
252-234-2888 office

Commercial Rigging
Rich Canter

Virginia Rigging & Crating
Jeff Johnson

HEM Envelope Machinery & Rigging
(For Smithe & W&D Envelope Equipment)
Rodney Humbert

Wednesday, September 18 - Tuesday, October 1
8:00 am - 4:00 pm, EDT

General Liability:
1 Million Per Occurrence
2 Million General Aggregate

105 Revere Dr., Suite C
Northbrook, IL 60062

PPL Acquisition Group VII, LLC
105 Revere Dr., Suite C
Northbrook, IL 60062

Sterling National Bank
8401 N. Central Expwy., Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75225

North East Printing Machinery, Inc.
146 Batchelder Rd.
Seabrook, NH 03874


No Credit Cards are accepted.

You may pay via wire transfer, cash, cashier's check, or company check accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee.

120 South LaSalle
City/State Chicago, IL. 60603
Phone# (312) 564-6800 Option #1
ABA# 071006486
Bene: PPL Group LLC
Account number: 2438450

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