What We Do

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Private Equity

We take debt and equity positions in operating companies. Historically, our focus has been on companies with commercial and industrial equipment, but we are always looking to expand our portfolio of companies with transactions outside of that space. We restructure and strengthen our companies, either through organic growth or through strategic mergers and acquisitions.

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PPL lends money on a senior secured basis, buys and leases equipment, and invests in growth businesses. The collateral backing our loans is typically commercial machinery and equipment, and often includes accounts receivable, inventory, and real estate. We purchase notes, make bridge loans, supply acquisition financing, and originate term loans.

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Asset Disposition

PPL is a leader in the industrial liquidation and auction business, with a focus on complete plant liquidations and auctions. PPL Group’s auction arm, PPL Auction, brings decades of experience, having managed hundreds of business auctions across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and abroad. From highly specialized equipment, to entire plants, to multiple sites, PPL obtains the highest recovery value for the assets while meeting the seller’s specific goals. We always produce auctions that match assets with the best purchasers. For a list of our current sales, click here.

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